interpretariato SIMULTANEO

Simultaneous interpreting always requires the use of 2 interpreters for each language. LM Traduzioni provides professional simultaneous interpreting services for all fields of use and in all languages.

interpretariato SIMULTANEO

Simultaneous interpreting is the most common method used during meetings, conferences, courses, conferences and seminars where the native tongue of the participants may vary considerably; it requires a fluid and simultaneous translation of all interventions.
A simultaneous interpreter must therefore use a fluid manner of speaking which is easily comprehendible for those present. Simultaneous interpreting provides contemporary translations of speeches in the requested native tongue, with a delay time of just 2 or 3 seconds.
This method requires the use of soundproof booths and the interpreter and participants listen to the speaker in their native tongue using headphones.

Given the extremely high level of concentration needed to provide this type of interpreting service, each interpreter never works for over 30 consecutive minutes at a time.



Simultaneous interpreting services

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