traduzioni di documenti ufficiali

Despite the fact that English is now fully accepted as the "official" language for all transactions, negotiations, documents, agreements or contracts, during the preparation of all kinds of agreements or during the analysis of business plans, due diligence reports etc.., many such documents must be translated into one or more other languages.


traduzioni di documenti ufficiali

With its staff of over 2,000 expert translators specifically trained in all contractual and corporate business aspects, LM Traduzioni guarantees top quality professionalism and impeccable accuracy for all the translations (and interpreting services) provided to its customers, where the accuracy of a translation and interpretation of a single phrase can make the difference when closing a transaction agreement, gaining approval for a business plan or a new diligence or finalising a private agreement. Extensive experience dealing with all types of documents, often combined with degrees and masters in certain subjects (jurisprudence, industrial law, corporate law etc...) are the best way of guaranteeing the perfect translation of any document (including sworn translations) from any language into any language. LM Traduzioni applies minimum surcharges for the translation of interlingua documents.

LM Traduzioni has been providing translation services to a wide range of sectors for many years, for instance: monthly reports, quarterly reports, financial statements, business plans, corporate deeds of incorporation, private agreements, public authority contracts, due diligence, university texts, marriage and divorce proceedings, transcripts for embassies, diplomatic documents etc.

If you wish to receive further information on translations of documents, other translation or interpreting services or for a free quotation, don’t hesitate to contact the LM Traduzioni staff who remain at your complete disposal.

Our translation services include :

  • Translation of legal and administrative documents
  • Translation of technical documents
  • Translation of scientific papers
  • Translation of texts for television and radio programmes
  • Translation of cultural documents
  • Translation of specialised documents
  • Translation of websites
  • Translation of software programmes


Translation of official documents

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