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Sworn translations are divided into two different and sometimes consecutive phases:

CERTIFIED translationstraduzioni giurate

LEGAL translations


CERTIFIED translations refer to a document translated by professionals with proven skills, which is attached to an original (where possible) or certified copy of a document to be stamped by a Clerk at the court of jurisdiction, where the translator certifies that the translation corresponds to the contents of the document in its source language. A translation of this type vests the translated document with the same legal validity as the original.

LEGAL translations refer to a document which must first be "CERTIFIED" and then recorded by the relative Prosecutor who will process it within a few days.

Certification of translations ise required for both private documents, such as certificates, diplomas and reports, and corporate documents, such as legal documents, contracts, letters of appointment and, in general, all documents where the translator is required to certify his or her work.
In Italy, translators must be registered with the Bar of Court Technical Consultants and the Bar of Experts and Consultants of the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Handicrafts, and sworn translations are recorded with a registration number at the District Court’s official register of notary deeds and sworn documents.
The LM Traduzioni staff can provide sworn translations in a variety of languages, for use in a large number of different countries.
If you wish to receive further information on sworn translations or other translation or interpreting services, please don’t hesitate to contact the LM Traduzioni staff.



Sworn translations

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